Guess why now is the best time to buy an apartment? Because “NovaBudova” has a super promo!

Buy an apartment between 1st and 15th of April in any “NovaBudova” apartment complex and get a guaranteed gift – an “Eldorado” certificate for 5000 UAH to get the appliances you need.

And that’s not all: in our Sales Department, right there and then, we’re having gift drawing with a special grand-prize – a washing machine! This promo is active in “Shchaslyvyi” Apartment Homes, “Crystal Avenue” and also in “Shchaslyvyi” Apartment Homes in Lviv.

Please call us!

“Shchaslyvyi” Apartment Homes in Kyiv: (044) 393-08-42, (067) 691-60-06,

“Сrystal Avenue”: (044) 393-08-42, (067) 691-60-06 and

“Shchaslyvyi” Apartment Homes in Lviv: (032) 229-52-72, (067) 235-18-37.

Our managers will guide you through our top-selling offers, will show you apartments at different stages of construction and our turn-key-ready apartments. They will tell you all about convenient instalment plan, and about advantages of every apartment complex.

Hurry to make your best choice and your best purchase!

*By “buying” we mean signing an advance payment agreement for an apartment.