Apartments with Interior Finishing Are Now Available in Lviv


Apartment purchase is quite an event to anyone; an event that makes a lifelong memory. Definitely, when you buy an apartment in a new building, you want to move into the new cozy place of residence as soon as possible. But sometimes expenditure of resources and time don’t allow you to do that as soon as you want it to.

This is why for your convenience in RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Lviv we offer apartments with interior finishing! This offer is most relevant to those investors, who don’t really have time to buy the materials, look for workers, and perform interior works.

Purchasing an apartment with interior finishing will allow you to move in right after receiving real estate title. Many of our clients have already taken advantage of this bargain.

Design solutions of the apartments

After making your final decision to buy an apartment with interior finishing from the builder in Lviv, you get fully developed design of your living space. 

The type of finishing materials is agreed with the builder according to designer’s project. In a word, you get an apartment, where all interior works are done at the highest level and at a lower price. Ready-made solutions are always convenient.

Interior finishing and its aspects

Interior works start with leveling and smoothing walls and ceilings. Then the walls are covered with non-woven wallpaper selected by color and shade, and stretched ceilings installed. Laminated flooring is made in the most part of the apartment, except for bathroom and WC – here the floors will be covered with top-quality tiles. Besides that, the pick-up list will include sanitary ware, installation of timber doors in all the rooms, electrical wiring with all sockets and switches necessary.

The apartment also includes arrangement of kitchen work area. One more significant aspect is heated floor, that will allow you to enjoy the warmth and comfort regardless the weather and season. Even more undeniable arguments for this decision are: individual boiler, energy saving insulated glass units, and two electrical energy meters. All these options will allow the owners of such apartment to save considerable amount of family finances.

If you got interested in this offer (to buy an apartment with interior finishing), don’t hesitate and contact our Sales Departments to make a purchase! Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions, will advise you on the prices, and will assist you in choosing the best floor plans. Buy an apartment that is ready to move in, and appreciate the advantages that come with this purchase!