Real estate investments 

Real estate investing is one of the most popular ways to make money today. There is a lot of theoretical information about this, but there are few practical cases that show step by step how to do it. Therefore, we show by a concrete example how to choose an apartment for investment and what to consider.

When looking for an option to invest, first of all consider the liquidity of the object. This is the main factor that contributes to successful resale.



Residential complexes that have the highest liquidity today


Which were built by reliable developers who commissioned more than one house, managed to earn customer loyalty, keep the pace of construction and choose the right format of RC;



Meet the trend of residential complexes with a developed and well-thought-out infrastructure such as "city within a city", which allows you to live, work and relax without leaving the complex;



Located outside the city (due to the pandemic and growing demand in both Ukraine and Europe for suburban housing near parks, forests, ponds);



They have modern apartments with a terrace or balcony;
one-room apartments with an area of ​​40–45 m2 and two-room apartments with an area of ​​60–75 m2 are considered the most liquid.






One of such residential complexes in the nearby suburbs of Kyiv, which meets these requirements and shows a high level of liquidity, is the business class RC "Crystal Avenue". .

The complex is interesting to potential investors, because it has a number of advantages that increase its investment attractiveness and allow you to get a higher return on resale or lease.


Advantages of RC “Crystal Avenue” for investors

   high rates of construction are maintained;

► location and transport interchange - 300 meters to Kyiv, 7 minutes to Zhytomyrska metro station;

►  infrastructure - there are various shopping centers and hypermarkets ("Epicenter", "4ROOM", "Auchan"), shops and other commercial and social institutions; and there is a supermarket "Silpo" in the territory of the residential complex;

► modern construction - provided with the use of reliable materials (monolithic-frame technology, red ceramic block, ventilated facade);

►   safety and comfort - closed area, round-the-clock security with video surveillance.



Stages of investing in real estate


The ideal option is to buy an apartment at the beginning of construction. The difference between buying an apartment at the stage of excavation and resale of ready-made housing after the commissioning of the house can average up to 50%. And if you sell housing at the stage of completion of the complex, the profit can reach 80-100%.


Less risky investment - in the later stages of construction, but this option allows you to make a profit of up to 30%. In this case, it remains to wait for the house commissioning, sell the apartment and make a profit.


A risk-free option, but the most long-term one is to buy a house in a commissioned house and wait until the building of the complex is completed. But while you wait, you can have finishing done and give the apartment for rent.




 A real case for investors of the residential complex “Crystal Avenue”

The RC “Crystal Avenue” serves as a confirmation of these options. Construction of the complex started in the third quarter of 2017 from UAH 16,000 / m2. Upon completion of the construction of the complex first stage, an apartment in transmission (obligation parties switch) in this house cost 26,000–28,000 UAH / m2, ie the earnings of investors reached more than 50%.

A similar situation is observed with other houses in the complex. In particular, today the cost per square meter in the complex is 22,900 UAH / m2. The price projected by the developer at the end of the last stage will be 30,000 UAH / m2. And the transmission here will be up to about 35,000 UAH / m2.


This trend indicates that now - the best option for buying an apartment in a residential complex with minimal risks, because in the future the cost of housing will only increase, and the risks - will decrease.

So, apartments in the residential complex of business class "Crystal Avenue" from the company NovaBudova will be a great option for investment in order to make a profit. As practice shows, the maximum profit is received by investors who invested in the project in the initial stages of construction. However, a good benefit from buying an apartment in the complex can be obtained now, but with much less risk, given the forecasts of the difference between the current and final cost per square meter in the residential complex "Crystal Avenue".

Invest profitably in the business class RC “Crystal Avenue”. Find out about the conditions of apartment purchase by phone:  

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