Grand Prize is Chosen, and the Rules Are Changed! What Should Participants of the 9th Season of “The Voice of Ukraine” Expect?

Representatives of “NovaBudova” Company were among those who came to the presentation of the most popular singing show of our country “The Voice of Ukraine”. The event took place in Kyiv Planetarium, in a festive atmosphere. The guests could enjoy the prepremiere of the first episodes of the 9th season of such an epic show of Ukraine. And its producer Volodymyr Zavydyuk shared the news of the contest. According to his words, this season is expecting extremely strong auditions, besides that rules and coaching staff will change. However, extreme atmosphere of friendship will remain despite the highly competitive climate.

The main theme of the new season will be the slogan “Stars are among us”, because this show gives birth to new stars and discovers great talents. Participants of “The Voice of Ukraine” will not only fight for fame and recognition, but will do their best to win the grand prize, provided by the official sponsor of the show “NovaBudova” Company. It’s a three-room apartment in business-class resident complex “Crystal Avenue”.

Let’s keep a close eye on the twists of the show, on the life of its participants and the couches, on their ups and downs. And at the end we’ll see who gets the main trophy. Join us in watching the show on “1+1” TV channel, every Sunday at 9 PM.