Into the New Year with NovaBudova: Drawing Conclusions and Greeting Our Residents


Into the New Year with NovaBudova

End of the year is the best time to summarize results, to make assessment of one’s achievements, and to set new goals. Probably, many have already taken a chance to do that. We also pondered on what was the passing year like for NovaBudova.

Bringing into operation of every building is always a big joy for us, because many families will be able to find housing and build their lives in it. Over this year, despite the situation in our country and all the hardships, we kept on building our developments and expanding our business, while more and more people choose housing from us.

Yes, it is a pleasure to realize that our geographical scope is growing and that we can offer Ukrainians housing in different locations and even in different cities – Kyiv and Lviv. This year we began constructing a new business class development in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka – RC “Crystal Avenue”.

Finished building of the kindergarten in RC “Shchaslyvyi” on Yabluneva Street was another important milestone for us. It was a pleasure to share this special event with our residents during the family celebration. We truly love bringing happiness to others. This year many our residents were able to take part in promotions and to win valuable prizes from the company. However, the prize draw for Hyundai Accent, the winner of which appeared to be our resident from Sofiivska Borshchahivka, was a spectacular event that everyone remembered.

In response to the tragic and sorrowful events in the East of our country, NovaBudova along with “Novyi Shliakh” NGO gave a start to a new project. We could not stay aloof from the problems faced by the internally displaced people and those who lost their homes. That is why the NGO helps many families win one more chance and start a new life.

As we approach holidays, let us thank you, our dear residents, investors, and partners, for choosing us and for being our big family! May your homes be peaceful, may you achieve the set targets, and may the upcoming year 2018 make everyone happier and kinder.

Happy New Year!