“New Way”: Spreading Right Values for the Young Generation


The name of Slavko Svyatinchuk is probably known to many children, school kids, teachers and parents. This joyful and smiling guy (a famous Ukrainian singer and songwriter) comes to educational institutions all over Ukraine and tells children at schools and orphanages about bad habits, healthy lifestyle and Christian values.

It was in his teenage years, when Slavko learned the hard way where his destructive lifestyle and wrong choices could lead him, so that’s why he decided to impact younger people and beg them not to repeat his mistakes.

“New Way” community had also come in on supporting the musician’s activity. Within the last 3 months Slavko and “New Way” community could visit 9 cities, 25 schools, and over 4600 school kids could hear the call for healthy lifestyle and learn about the danger of drugs.

Working with young people is extremely important, because kind words heard in time can help a teenager to choose the right path and protect his or her health and life from destruction. “NovaBudova” Company together with “New Way” are happy to support this valuable activity, and we hope that more and more young people will have an opportunity to chose healthy life and build a better future.

We remind you that “New Way” community was created by “NovaBudova” in 2017. “New Way” helps refugees and displaced residents from the eastern region and Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone of Ukraine, performs community activities, and visits orphanages.