“NovaBudova” at the Breakfast with Trump: What is the Future of Ukrainian Business?


“NovaBudova” at the Breakfast with Trump: What is the Future of Ukrainian Business?

“NovaBudova” Company is a prominent representative of construction business in Ukraine. As our residents, investors and partners know, the Company doesn’t stand aside from social issues having established the “New Way” Community that helps refugees and displaced residents from the east.

Not long ago “NovaBudova” management represented the sphere of business and real-estate at the National Prayer Breakfast in USA. Together with the President and the Head of the White House Donald Trump the event united delegates from 190 countries – officials, politicians, businessmen, NGO and charity representatives who had an opportunity to establish networks of communication.

Besides participating in the event, “NovaBudova” management had several meetings with top-ranking officials. An important meeting took place in Helsinki Commission. The directors of the Company could personally meet Nathaniel Hurd, Senior Policy Advisor of the Commission. Another important meeting took place at the office of Senator Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican. One more privilege was a meeting with David Simon, Economic Development Advisor for Senator Thom Tillis, a Republican. Our delegation also participated in a meeting with a Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat and one of the U.S. Representatives for Ohio. Special mention should be given to a business meeting with Peter Krug, Associate Director of Intergovernmental Affairs; the meeting that took place at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

According to Sergiy Lesnik, “NovaBudova” Development Director, the officials were interested in the situation in the eastern part of our country, in the changes that take place in Ukrainian economy, in business situation, and in work and activities of the “New Way” Community. The Company’s General Director Yevhen Savochka notes, “We did our best in drawing attention to the problems Ukraine faces; and we realized that people are interested in Ukraine and they do want our country to really improve”.

The management of the company called on further support and investments into different spheres of economy and business of Ukraine, noting that the country has positive dynamics and embarks on the course of reforms. We believe that such meetings and events have positive influence on the state of business and further development of our country.