Wintertime right after holidays is the season of productive work and serious money investments. For “NovaBudova” company it’s also the time for new promos and special offers. Thus, between February 5, 2019 and February 14, 2019 we have one more promo – bring your friend to sign deposit agreement for an apartment in RC “Crystal Avenue” and get a certificate for household appliances from “Eldorado” store chain. Learn more about the details of this promo in the special section of our website Promos and Special Offers.

Notice that now is the best time to invest into a business-class resident complex. The cost of the apartments is very attractive and there still plenty of floor plans to choose from. We’d like to remind you that the prices are expected to go up starting February 20, 2019.

We’ll be happy to answer all your question, don’t hesitate to call us: (044) 499-2599; (067) 663-9452 or visit our Sales Departments: Petropavlivska Borshchagivka, Soborna St., 14-A, where you can check out our floor plan options right away.