NovaBudova announces the start of apartments sale in the fourth building of the residential complex “Crystal Avenue” in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka!

Welcome to invest profitably today, as the first apartments in the house have a special price!

Right now is a profitable and reliable time to invest in the residential complex “Crystal Avenue”. See the diagram of the cost per square meter in the RC growth below, that clearly reflects the difference.

Read in our article how to invest in real estate properly and earn up to 80% of profits. 

The fourth stage of the residential complex “Crystal Avenue” will retain the advantage characteristics typical for the whole complex.

Modern construction. Monolithic frame construction technology, red ceramic block, ventilated facade - these are the factors that guarantee the coziness and comfort of your apartment.

Security. 24-hour security and a designer lobby with a reception and concierge in your house guarantee a feeling of not only comfort but also security.

Location. 300 meters to Kyiv, as well as excellent transport links, which allows you to reach the subway station "Zhytomyrska" in 7 minutes.

Infrastructure. 4ROOM shopping center, hypermarket Epicenter, supermarket Billa and other commercial and social establishments, in particular Silpo supermarket in the territory of the residential complex; and a forest with a lake, a five-minute walk from the complex.

Penthouses. Penthouses will have especially wonderful outlook from the windows there. These are two-level apartments on the last two floors of the house.

Underground parking. Protect your car from the weather and save your time without spending it on looking for a parking space. As well as apartments, a parking space is a great asset to invest in, and it's already available for purchase.

Our managers will be happy to answer any questions related to investing in “Crystal Avenue”. Call: (044) 499 25 67; (067) 663 89 35.

Sales department address: Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, 14 – A, Soborna Str