RC “Shchaslyvyi” Hosted a Fan Meeting With the Winner of Voice Ukraine - Video


Fan Meeting With the Winner of Voice Ukraine

Yesterday RC “Shchaslyvyi” hosted a fan meeting with the Voice-Ukraine winner Olena Lutsenko. Being a sponsor of the show, we presented Olena her own apartment in RC “Shchaslyvyi” on Yabluneva St. Olena had a chance to have a look at the apartment together with our manager and TV shooting team.

In the evening Olena came to our Sales Department, that gathered guests waiting for the new rising star ready to ask her questions in person. Miss Lutsenko shared her experience in Voice-Ukraine, “It only looks like it’s so easy to come up the stage. But it’s a huge amount of work. Not only ours (as participants), but of all the shooting crew, of all the TV channel. So many people are working hard making it, so that the people would enjoy the show”.

The winner told us, how emotional her victory was. Olena specifically mentioned how unexpectedly nice was the support of her voice by so many people.

During the meeting all the people present could take a photo with the winner and get an autograph. “NovaBudova” together with Olena Lutsenko wants to inspire everyone to believe in yourself, and not to find reasons to avoid living out your dreams, but to follow your heart instead. Olena is a good example to show that everything’s real!