We Express Congratulations to Our Investors of Oksamytova, 20-А,B,C – the House is Complete!


The House on Oksamytova, 20-А,B,C is Complete!

We hasten to inform our investors and owners of apartments in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka, that your building is already put into service.

Construction completion certificates and verification certificates of readiness #162181360724#162181360713#162181360718 were obtained by the Company.

Please contact “NovaBudova” Department of Internal Finnishing and Renovations if you want your internal works to be fast and reliable: (067) 600-2598

And in case you still haven’t got an apartment here, please call our Sales Departments to find out about the availability and the offers: (044) 393-0842, (067) 691-6006. Well be happy to assist you!